Dr. Lukas Zenk

Dr. Lukas Zenk

Danube University Krems / Department of Knowledge and Communication Management

His research is guided by a socio-cognitive approach in the fields of network analysis, innovation management and applied improvisation that combines studies from the individual level (e.g. implicit cognition and psychological factors) via an organizational level (e.g. communication networks and culture) through to a societal level (e.g. open innovation).

Lukas Zenk studied a combination of business informatics, sociology and psychology at the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Vienna, where he completed his doctorate in the field of dynamic team networks. Furthermore he studied a postgraduate master program on Innovation and Technology Management at Danube University Krems, and completed additional trainings in project management, knowledge management, social learning, mediation, coaching, training and acting.

During the last ten years, he worked on and lead several applied research projects in the field of cognitive science, network research, organizational learning, information and communication technologies, innovation studies and business culture. As a management trainer, he consults individuals and teams in network analysis, design thinking and applied improvisation. As a sciencepreneur he co-created a new method to design innovative events (www.designing.events) and webbased tools (www.co-pics.com, www.hallisto.com). Furthermore he co-founded the improvisational theater company Quintessenz in Vienna and regularly performs as an improv actor (www.improvisationstheater.at)

Zenk lectures at multiple universities, published in the fields of networks and innovation and gives various talks and keynotes at international conferences and companies. He was awarded several times for his innovative lectures, talks and research projects.



  • Presentation: Designing innovative Events (in german)

    Attend at the first presentation on Designing.Events in Vienna, on Tuesday, November, 29th from 18:00-21:00. More information on the website. You can register to the event at Danube University Krems or free.

  • Workshop: Applied Improvisation (in german)

    The next workshop on applied improvisation will be held in Vienna, on Saturday, November, 19th from 10:00-17:00. You can book the workshop instantly and read an Interview in „Die Presse“ or a recent study from MIT Sloan Management Review.

  • Show: Improvised Theater (in german)

    The next improvised show will be performed in the Local Bar, Vienna, on Sunday, November, 6th starting at 19:30. You can get your tickets online or just show up.

Workshops & Trainings


  • Applied Improvisation

    Develop your dynamic leadership skills and enhance co-creation processes

  • Design Thinking

    Prototype new services and products from a user-centered perspective

  • Applied networks

    Understand and make use of networks for your strategy

  • Creativity & Innovation

    Learn scientific proven methods to ideate

  • Facilitation

    Enable you team and organiziation to self-organize and co-create

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  • How to reinvent yourself

    Keynote (2016), IBM

  • Designing knowledge intensive events

    Workshop (2016), 12th International Conference on Knowledge Management.

  • Failing successfully

    Keynote (2015), Convention for Young Entrepreneurs

  • Success factors of networks

    Talk (2015), Austrian Federal Ministry

  • The science of networking

    Keynote (2015), Access, Hofburg

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  • Living sustainability or pretending to?

    Steiner, Geissler, Schreder & Zenk (2016, submitted).

  • Designing knowledge intensive events

    Zenk, L., Fundneider, T. & Peschl, M. (2016)

  • What participants really want

    Zenk, L., Fundneider, T. & Peschl, M. (2016)

  • Beyond the name tag

    Zenk, L., Smuc, M. & Windhager, F. (2014)

  • Social network analysis in organizations

    Zenk, L., & Behrend, F. D. (2014).

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  • Event Network Advancement

    Improvement of conferences to support participants and organizers

  • Schema Processing in Organizational Culture

    Analysis of organizational culture with the Implicit Association Tests

  • Health, Mobility and Globalization

    Start-up financing for transdisciplinary studies

  • Exploratory Visualization of Patent Network Dynamics

    Dynamic analysis and visualization of network data over time

  • Visual Enterprise Network Analytics

    Dynamic network visualizations in organizations

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  • Creativity & Innovation

    Group Genius, ZigZag Method, Business Model Generation, Effectuation

  • Social network analysis

    Theories, Methods, Software-Tools (Visone, UCINet, Gephi)

  • Lean start up & Design thinking

    Marshmallow challenge, Minimum viable products, Prototyping

  • Quantitative methods

    Research process, Statistics, Questionnaires, Network analysis

  • Applied improvisation

    Presence, Leadership, Co-Creation

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  • Die Presse

    Applied Improvisation

  • BusinessArt

    Conscious and unconscious sustainability

  • Kurier – Big Career

    The art of cultivating contacts

  • Der Standard – brainwave

    Portraits of researchers

  • Upgrade

    Technology connects

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  • Innovation award


  • Top 5 Speaker

    PM Forum

  • Lecturer award

    Vienna University of Technology

  • Best Speaker

    CMG Austria and Eastern Europe

  • Academic Excellence Scholarship

    University of Vienna

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Danube University Krems
Department for Knowledge and Communication Management
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30, 3500 Krems, Austria
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