05/12/2016 Behind the scenes. Analyzing socio-cognitive networks
selected Schader Stiftung, Darmstadt, Germany
29/11/2016 Designing.Events
organizer A1, Vienna
25/10/2016 Brain Walk: Methods and creativity
invited BENE, Cologne, Germany
19/10/2016 Applied Improvisation
selected Association of knowledge management
10/10/2016 Designing knowledge intensive events
selected ICKM, 12th International Conference on Knowledge Management. Vienna
17/09/2016 Keynote: Connecting people
invited Alumni-Club, Danube University Krems
15/09/2016 Keynote: How to reinvent yourself. A socio-cognitive perspective on collaborations
invited IBM, Vienna
04/07/2016 How much improvisation is needed for innovations?
invited Kepler Salon, Linz
24/06/2016 Deep dive of innovation
invited Summer Design Summit, Linz
13/06/2016 Facilitation of Co-Creation: Making workshops work
invited EAACI, European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. Vienna
09/06/2016 Workshop: Designing innovative networking events. From cognitive to social networks
selected COINs16, Designing networks for innovation and improvisation. Rome, Italy
25/04/2016 Workshop: What is network research?
invited Schader Stiftung, Darmstadt, Germany
20/04/2016 Facilitation: Marshmellow Challenge without Marshmellows
invited Wissensmanagement-Tage. Danube University Krems
20/04/2016 Workshop: Designing innovative events with Event.Cards
selected Wissensmanagement-Tage. Danube University Krems
19/04/2016 The network of innovation. How we integrate cognitive processes and social interactions
invited Wissensmanagement-Tage. Danube University Krems
20/01/2016 The secrets of networks
invited Roadshow, Danube University Krems
03/12/2015 What do people need to encounter somebody
invited Toursimuskonferenz, Begegnungen der Zukunft, Linz
17/11/2015 Applied Social Network Analysis
invited Science Talk, University of Graz
11/11/2015 Success factors of networks
invited Umweltzeichen, Austrian Federal Ministry BMLFUW, Vienna
29/10/2015 How people do (not) network
invited Austrian National Tourist Office, Munich, Germany
13/10/2015 Keynote: Failing successfully. Methods for improvisation and innovation management
invited Jungunternehmertag, Vienna
30/08/2015 Networking software
invited EAIR, The European Higher Education Society, Danube University Krems
28/06/2015 Networking from a network perspective
selected Sunbelt Conference XXXV. Brighton, UK
22/06/2015 What participants really want
invited Convention4u, Innsbruck
07/05/2015 Keynote: Improvisation – Things never turn out the way you expect
invited Technology Day, Bilfinger Chemserv, Linz
22/04/2015 Do you feel dirty? Unconscious attitudes toward networking
invited Wissensmanagement-Tage. Danube University Krems
21/04/2015 Pecha Kucha: Why do you attend the event?
invited Wissensmanagement-Tage. Danube University Krems
21/04/2015 Processes of knowledge at conventions
invited Wissensmanagement-Tage. Danube University Krems
25/03/2015 Keynote: The Science of Networking
invited Access 2015, Hofburg, Vienna
20/02/2015 The network of participants
invited Austria Center Vienna. Workshop XL, Vienna
16/02/2015 Future Trend Talk: Digital Business
invited Raiffeisen Gute Beziehungen. Panel discussion, Vienna
19/12/2014 The process of networking
invited Prozessmanagement Forum, Kiel, Germany
10/11/2014 Interdisciplinary Connections
invited Interdisciplinary Weeks, FH Kiel, Germany
29/10/2014 The secret of networking. Understand networks and improve social connections with web-based tools
invited PM Forum, GPM – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement. Nürnberg, Germany
03/07/2014 Multimodal connections. Recommendations for participants, talks and rooms at conferences.
selected European Conference on Social Networks. Barcelona, Spain.
02/07/2014 Dynamic ego behavior. A typology how participants at events interact over time.
selected European Conference on Social Networks. Barcelona, Spain.
24/06/2014 The myth of networking. How do we really network?
invited Convention4u, Jahrestagung des Austrian Convention Bureau, Linz
23/06/2014 Congress of the future. Seven trends.
invited Convention4u, Jahrestagung des Austrian Convention Bureau, Linz
19/06/2014 Improvised Innovation Networks
invited Faculty Centre for Creativity Research. University of Surrey, UK
12/06/2014 Interconnections in conference rooms
selected Tagung zu Dynamiken räumlicher Netzwerkstrukturen. Darmstadt, Germany
28/05/2014 Transparency of knowledge – how do I know, what my colleagues know?
invited World Cafe at Wissensmanagement-Tage. Danube University Krems
27/05/2014 Event Network Explorer
invited Wissensmanagement-Tage. Danube University Krems
23/04/2014 Social Network Analysis. Exploring how people connect
invited EDU|days 2014 Conference. Danube University Krems
28/11/2013 Applying network analysis on conferences.
invited Institut für Wissenschaft und Kunst. University of Vienna
04/10/2013 Improvised Innovation. How ideas emerge based on Group Genius
invited Applied Improvisation Network Conference, Berlin, Germany
24/05/2013 Network Facilitation and Consulting. An experience-based overview of interventions and impact
selected Sunbelt Conference XXXI. Hamburg, Germany
23/05/2013 Event Networks. Applying network analysis for conferences to connect with interesting people
selected Sunbelt Conference XXXI. Hamburg, Germany
22/04/2013 Event Network Advancement – Design of new knowledge networks during conferences
invited Wissensmanagement-Tage. Krems, Austria
14/12/2012 Network-analytical support for participants during conferences
invited ThinkNet. A web-conference for networks. Organized by OSB. Hamburg, Germany
09/08/2012 Advanced visualization of network change
invited Summerschool for Social Network Analysis, University of Essex. Essex, UK
21/06/2012 Dynamic interactions. Evolution and change of interpersonal communication
invited Institut für Wissenschaft und Kunst. University of Vienna
08/06/2012 Event Network Advancement: Development of communication networks
invited Links Center Workshop. University of Kentucky
27/04/2012 The third who laughs. Tertius gaudens versus tertius iungens.
invited Science Slam. Lange Nacht der Forschung. Krems, Austria
15/11/2011 Open space innovation networks
invited University of Groningen
16/09/2011 On Visually Analyzing Knowledge Flows at a University Department
selected 8th Applications of Social Network Analysis Conference. Zürich, Switzerland
20/08/2011 Innovation networks. The origin of ideas over time
invited Summer Evening Academy. Virtual Meeting
08/06/2011 Visualization of network change
invited Links Center Workshop. University of Kentucky
11/02/2011 Situated communication – a dynamic visualization framework
selected Sunbelt Conference XXXI. St. Petersburg, Florida
09/02/2011 Eyetracking of network visualizations.
selected Sunbelt Conference XXXI. St. Petersburg, Florida
27/01/2011 Everything is a network. Applied social network analysis
invited Lions Club Wien Classics. Vienna, Austria
10/11/2010 Evolution of innovation networks
invited FameLab style: 5-minute presentation at UniPR Networking Event (SciCom). Vienna, Austria
10/11/2010 Ethical handling of data using social network analysis in organizations
invited Conference on Science Communication (SciCom). Vienna, Austria
15/10/2010 Complex topics – simple techniques: Simple visualizations of complex networks
invited Federation of European Business Communicators Associations ( Vienna, Austria
06/10/2010 Status Quo: Social network analysis in organizations
invited Informal presentation at the Austrian Institute of Technology. Vienna, Austria
17/09/2010 Visual Enterprise Network Analytics – Visualizing organizational change
selected Conference of Application of Social Network Analysis. ETH Zürich, Switzerland
02/07/2010 What happened? How to compare intra-organizational networks over time
selected Sunbelt Conference XXX. Trento, Italy
08/05/2010 Social network analysis: „Verbunden werden auch die Schwachen mächtig“
invited American Field Service – Conference Constanze: presentation and workshop. Berlin, Germany
25/03/2010 Knowledge networks in enterprises: Presentation and workshop
invited ViKOM Congress: Association of Integrated Communication ( Krems, Austria
10/10/2009 Network analysis of change – Change with network analysis
invited Conference of collaborative innovation networks ( Savannah/Georgia, USA
02/05/2009 Networks see networks – the trend to visualize your own networks
selected Conference of network visualizations ( Munich, Germany
14/03/2009 1+1=1? Merging organizational cultures – a social experiment
selected Sunbelt Conference XIX. San Diego/California, USA
21/11/2008 Introduction to social network research for managers
invited Internal meeting of managers, Diakonie Österreich. Vienna, Austria
18/04/2008 Personal knowledge management based on social networks
invited Platform Knowledge Management ( Krems, Austria
11/04/2008 Strategic learning design in organizations
selected IADIS International Conference in e-Society. Algarve, Portugal
07/02/2008 Web 2.0 & social networks: Potentiality or overstated hype?
invited ITnT panel discussion: Information Technology and Telecommunication. Vienna, Austria
27/11/2007 Knowledge management – Introduction, factors of success and tools
invited Telekom Austria (Winner of Best Speaker Award 2008). Vienna, Austria
16/10/2007 Intra-organizational networks
invited Summerschool: Social Networks. Trier University, Germany
28/09/2007 Situated organizational mapping
selected Conference on Theory and Analysis of Networks. Frankfurt University, Germany
27/08/2007 The development of a social network, its interpretation and significance
selected ICKM: 4th International Conference on Knowledge Management. Vienna, Austria
24/05/2007 Knowledge Cafe: Workshop
invited World Cafe Event by the Danube University Krems. Vienna, Austria
03/05/2007 Using social network analysis as a didactical concept for improving social skills
selected Sunbelt Conference XVII, poster presentation. Corfu, Greece
30/03/2007 Methods for the development of collective intelligence from individual knowledge
selected 4th Conference of professional knowledge management. Potsdam, Germany
26/10/2006 Organizational requirements for knowledge transfer and learning
selected KnowTech: 8th Conference on Knowledge Management. Munich, Germany
27/08/2006 Process-oriented learning requirements for employees and organizations
selected ICKS: International Conference on Knowledge Systems. Prague, Czech Republic
01/03/2004 Congo:Projects
invited International Conference on Urban Planning. Vienna University of Technology, Austria
03/03/2003 Project management in Africa on the basis of an IT-project
invited International Conference on Urban Planning. Vienna University of Technology, Austria